This is my website, which I made to raise awareness about how a lot of places around the world need free education.

Many places around the world have no public schools, meaning only people in the upper middle class and first class can be educated. This is a problem, because for people to raise their status, they need to get good jobs, and most high-paying jobs education. In fact, most hiring managers in fancy companies only hire people with college educations. So basically, without free schooling, the rich get richer while the poor stay poor(or get even poorer), and that won't help many people. This article from Feed the Children pretty much proves my point.

Many of you know about Malala, who's been campaigning all her life for a girl's right to education. My cause is pretty similar to hers, and Malala's book actually enlightened me to it, because it also addresses the issue that only rich people can go to school. It's not just girls who aren't getting an education; even boys who happen to be lower down on the stupid status pyramid our society uses aren't getting the education they need to become the doctors, scientists, engineers, astronauts, and all the other thousands of professions we need people to pursue. Pretty much anyone who can't afford to pay for private school in places without free schooling can't learn at all.

This pyramid is hardly different from the feudal system of a few thousand years ago, and the mere fact that we still have this thing is a problem. I mean, seriously?

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